It’s quite simple to generate a Quick Collect payment link and send it to your customer to receive the payments.

a) Select ‘Create Payment’ option from under the Payments tab and click on ‘Quick Collect’. 

b) You will land on the following screen. Here, at minimum, you would need to provide the customer’s name under ‘Request To’, the amount you’re requesting and the income category.

There are other options like: 

  • Add recurring: This enables you to collect a recurring payment of the same amount after a fixed interval of time within a certain time-span. 
  • Invoice ID: If you have a specific invoice ID that you want to attach to this, you can do so.
  • Purpose: You can also mention the purpose of the payment. For example, if you’re collecting for your monthly consulting charges, you can mention the same.
  • Collect US payment: If you’re collecting money from a company based in the US, you can do so but then you’d need to attach the invoice as well. 

c) Once you’ve set up the payment, click on ‘Submit Request’. That’s it. You have requested money via a Quick Collect link. Now, the person would receive a link via email & SMS to pay the said amount.

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