Pretty simple. Just follow these steps and you will be able to create an invoice in no time.

a) From the left-hand side panel, select ‘Payments’, click on the ‘Create Payment’ button and select ‘Invoice’.

b) Fill out the necessary details and then select the item you’re creating the invoice for. If you haven’t previously saved an item, you would need to do it now. For explanatory purposes, we’re going to show how it’s done.

c) For example' sake, we are going to add a service which is called ‘Consulting - Marketing’ and fill out the necessary details. 

d) Once this is done, you can either:

  • Send it to the customer
  • Save it
  • Preview it

e) We will simply send it to our customer. Once you do, it will appear as the 1st transaction under the ‘Invoice’ tab.

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