Glad you’re doing a bulk transfer with us. Please follow the steps below:


a) Log in to the Open dashboard, go to ‘Payments’ and swipe to the ‘Send Payments’ tab.

b) Next, click on the ‘+ Create Bulk Payment’ and download the template under ‘First Step’.


c) Your template would look like the image below with the following fields. 


  1. Beneficiary name: The name of the user you want to transfer the money to. Don’t include any special characters in the beneficiary name.

  2. Beneficiary account number - Enter the account number you want to transfer the amount to.

  3. IFSC code - The IFSC code of the user’s bank account

  4. Amount - Enter the amount you want to transfer. Don't add any special characters like ‘,’ in the amount cell. This will lead to a failed transaction.

  5. Description / Purpose - The description you want to provide for the transactions.

Once you’ve filled it out, upload the file to the ‘Drag & Drop’ section.


d) Once you upload the excel sheet, all the columns of the sheet will be shown along with any errors that might be there. 


Once you have reviewed your file, you proceed by clicking on ‘Next’.


e) Here, you will be asked to select an account. Once you do that, the mobile number associated with the account will receive an OTP. 


Once you file in the OTP, the bulk transfer will be initiated.


Here's a video which might help you even better.