It’s quite simple. Open allows you to procure up to 50 cards in one go. Once you purchase the cards, you can physically handover one card to each employee who will then be required to activate the same through their own Open account.

Here’s how you can purchase the cards:

1. Go to your dashboard and click on ‘Cards’ from the side panel.

2. From the Cards section, click on ‘ORDER CARDS’ and flip the switch to ‘Order Team Cards’. 

3. Here, you can choose either the ‘Founders Card’ (which can be bought only once) or you can go for the normal expense cards for your team. Let’s go with the flow of the question and click on ‘ORDER NOW’ under ‘Expense Card’. 

Once you do, fill out the details that are asked, viz., Number of Cards & the Address where we should courier you the cards. 

As you can can see in the above screenshot, for 11 cards, the amount is automatically calculated to Rs. 2,189. Once you hit ‘PAY’, a payment gateway module opens up where you can pay through different payment modes like Netbanking, Debit/Credit Cards and Bank Transfer (IMPS, NEFT & RTGS). 

Once you receive the cards, you will need to physically handover the cards to your teammates who should then go ahead and activate the cards from their Open account.