No worries! We will deal with this together. Here are a bunch of things you could do to ensure that the Tally plugin works perfectly:

  • Check if you have put the plugin file ‘BankOpenV1.tcp’ in the Tally root folder: This should ideally be somewhere in your C-Drive → Program Files →  Tally → Tally ERP 9. 

  • Please don’t change the file name.

  • In Tally, navigate to Configure --> Product and Features --> Manage Local TDL; here, ensure that 'Load TDL files on startup' is set to 'Yes' and see if you have correctly spelled plugin name, ‘BankOpenV1.tcp’, under 'List of TDL files to preload on startup'.

  • In Tally navigate to Features --> Add-On Features; here, ensure that you have put ‘Enable Sync’ as ‘Yes’.

  • Still something’s broken? Drop a line explaining the issue at!