a) Navigate to Open Tally+ under ‘Apps’ section:



b) Once you're inside Open Tally+, click on Download Open-Tally Plugin:


You'll see a pop-up downloading a '.tcp' file:

Once the file is downloaded, copy the file and place it in the Tally root folder. One way of finding your Tally root folder is by right clicking the Tally shortcut and selecting 'Open file location':


Copy the downloaded file and paste it in the Tally root folder.

That's all with the file download! 


Now, let us take you to setting up Tally configuration so that you can start using the plugin.

Open Tally. From the dashboard, click on 'Configure':



Select ‘Product & Features’:



Select ‘Manage Local TDL’:



The TDL pop bar appears.


Type ‘Yes’ under 'Load TDL files on startup ?'.


And fill the tcp file name 'BankOpenV1.tcp' under 'List of TDL files to preload on startup'. 


Accept the changes (Press ‘Yes’):



Now, navigate back to the gateway of Tally and select Features:



Then select Add-on features:



A sync pop up will appear. Set 'Enable Sync' to yes.


A sync pop up will appear. Set 'Enable Sync' to yes.


Navigate back to the Tally dashboard. Now you'll find two additional buttons: 'BankOpen Login' and 'BankOpen Sync':



Enter your Open user id and password, after clicking on 'BankOpen Login'

And, that’s all! You’re good to get started!



From now on, whenever you want to sync Tally payables to Open, just use the button 'BankOpen Sync', and all your payables will start reflecting on your Open Account, under ‘Bills’ section of ‘Pay’.


Please note, this plugin only works on Tally ERP 9 with release series 6.4.1 or above.