Yup. It’s fairly simple.

Owner: It’s in the name! You’re essentially a registered Director of the Company. You have full control of your Open Account which means you can literally do everything. Stuff like:

  • Add/delete teammate and set their roles (Admin or Employee)

  • Do monetary transactions

  • View and download all kinds of reports

  • Approve transactions (or actions) from Admins and Employees

  • Issue cards to Admins and Employees

    and a lot more. 

    P.S.: There can be only one Owner. 

    P.P.S: An Owner can’t be changed or deleted once the Open Account is created. 

In case you need to change/delete an Owner, drop a line at  letstalk@bankopen.co.

Admin: Even simpler. An Admin can do everything that an Owner can. But, here are 2 things to keep in mind:

  • An Admin can only be added after the Owner and the Company Board has signed & uploaded a Board Resolution. 

  • An Admin can delete other Admins as per the company’s policies but can never delete the Owner.

    That’s all! :D

Manager: This is the 3rd role in a ‘Team’ which is assigned to department heads and has an overview of his team-mates. 

  • A Manager can be added by the Owner or Admin for smooth functioning of operations.

  • A Manager can view expenses of his team-mates and also approve their transactions.

    Basically Manager is an Employee with some rights. That’s all! :D

Employee: This is the 4th and final role in a ‘Team’. As an employee, you can do a bunch of things. You can:

  • File cash expenses

  • Create new expense reports

  • Add expenses to existing reports

  • Send expense reports to your manager (an Admin) for reimbursements

  • Add/edit bank account details to which you want to receive your reimbursements

That’s about it. Got more questions? Shoot us an email at letstalk@bankopen.co. We read and answer every email that comes our way; no joke there!